Top 10 Deadliest Fishes In The World

  1. Box Jelly Fish

Image via TheHuffingtonPost

Box jellyfish are cnidarian invertebrates distinguished by their cube-shaped medusae. Some species of box jellyfish produce extremely potent venom: Chironex fleckeri, Carukia barnesi and Malo kingi.

The box jellyfish is considered as the most venomous creature on Earth. The box jelly fish venom will affect the heart the nervous system. The human victims are likely to die of heart failure before reaching the shore. More than 100 people die every year around the world by box jellyfish attack.

The box jellyfishes are named after their cube shaped body, found throughout the Indo-Pacific Ocean. They have up to 15 tentacles on each side of their body. These tentacles can reach up to a length of 10 feet and contain more than 5000 stinging cells.