10 Of The World’s Oldest Mom That Gave Birth After Age 65

Child birth is a practice that works majorly with time. For a man, life may begin at age forty (40) but for a woman who is yet to carry her own child, that may be the deadline to her trust to experience get pregnant, talkless of talking about child birth. What is new?

In my previous article, i talked about the “top 10 movies that truly reminded us Paul walker” and today, we shall be buttress the point of child birth. Some women are not able to get pregnant once they are over forty years of age, and this has been  a deep disturbing factor for the ageing ones especially the ones not yet married. We have heard about women pulling through this barrier but not able to see it becomes a criteria for unbelief.

Let me shut you up a little, it happens. And today we are stressing on the 10 world’s oldest mom that gave birth after age 65.

 10 World’s Oldest Mom That Gave Birth After Age 65

10. Rajo Devi Lhan

Image via Bulawayo24

When Rajo Devi Lhan made the headlines all around the world by eventually the first woman or will i call her the world oldest first timer mother, alot of persons(Including health experts) said she was actually putting her health on a higher risk.

In a recent report, she gave birth following an Invitro Fertilization. Lets not bore you with more details about how it
took place but she is in the game.