10 Kind Of Women You Should Never Make Your Wife

Alot of marriages dry up into thin air and this is mostly caused as a result of wrong choices of spouse. Though our focus is majorly not targeted at the 10 types of men you should never marry but it is aimed at ” the 10 types of women you should never marry.” Marriage is for a life time, even though divorce is seen to be a little bit dominant. We still can not deny the idea that it is for better and for worse.Read up: 10 Of The Most Shocking Presidential Affairs In U.S. History

Below is a comprehensive list of women you should dare end up in a relationship with if you are a man.

10 Types Of Women You Should Not Dare  To Marry

10. Bitter Woman

Bitter Woman (Angry)

Bitter Woman (Angry)

Bitterness in any relationship is the benchmark for conflict. A woman who is always bitter hardly make a good wive,you can recall that alot of homes have been destroyed by this singular trait seen in women. Bitterness could result to verbal abuses and this sometimes leads to domestic violence.

A man may really not need to settle down with a bitter woman, in order to give decorum to his ideal home.

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