Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World

8. Cindy Trim

Dr. Cindy Trimm - Networth

Dr. Cindy Trimm – Networth

If you think female pastors to take the gospel seriously,then you have to rethink again. Dr Cindy Trim is said to have an estimate networth of $15million dollars.Alot of her wealth has been sourced from her books and preaching, though not married yet she is an excellent Author,Life Coach and a former senator.

Seriously into ministry, she has no kid since it is against the christian faith to have kids outside wedlock.She has
indeed built an evangelical business with her preaching,empowerment books,faith writings and marketing.Her work as a spiritual leader and speaker has produced a multi-million dollar speaking,writing, and publishing empiire with operations in multiple countries around the world.